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Tolerance? Fugetaboutit.
Thu Oct 4, 2018 11:54

This morning I went to my computer with a cup of coffee and started reading the news as I usually do. After that I stop off at this discussion board to read up on what's going on and I also make a stop at Michael Melsky's Lindbergh discussion board.

Things were different this morning. When I went to Michael Melsky's board I discovered I was banned. The message on my computer screen was, "You have been banned from this forum."

I thought this might be some kind of a computer glitch so I tried a couple of more times. The same message came on the screen, "You have been banned from this forum."

I generally use Startpage for my internet searches. I thought there might be some problem with Startpage so I turned to other search engines:

Yahoo, Google, Bing, Ask.com, Aol.com, Duckduckgo, and Yandexru. They made no difference. It was the same message, "You have been banned from this forum."

There are a few things for this Forum's consideration.

1. I have never been a member of Michael Melsky's Discussion Board.

2. I have never tried to join Michael Melsky's Discussion Board.

3. I have never had a discussion with Michael Melsky on his board or with any other members of his board.

This tells us ipso facto that my crime or sin, however how you might want to label it, is that I would "read" his discussion board. That is all. I would read the board and therefore I deserved to be banned.

I believe with all my heart that every person in this country has a right to think, to speak, to write, without being censored just because a person's thoughts or opinions are different from another person. Too many people have died and shed their blood in order to preserve our right and our freedom, to think, speak, and write freely. If we fail to use our right it is a grave injustice to those that came before us. We will have let them down.

With the foregoing thoughts in mind where does the censorship of a person's "right to read" a discussion board fall? It falls in the lap of Hitler's Germany or Stalin's Russia, that's where it falls. Adolph and Joe were into that kind of control. It's why they loved to burn books.

If a moderator of a discussion board exercises an autocratic banning of an individual from reading their board, only reading it, how could there possibly be the free and open exchange of ideas on that board? The answer is there wouldn't be. You are going to have to kowtow, you are going to have to genuflect to the moderator if you write a message on that board. Any deviation in your board message from the moderator's fixed ideas will result in you being banned for your unfavorable intellectual contribution. Any small nuance, any slight variation of thought that can be interpreted as being contrary to the moderator will result in consequences for you.

Let me say clearly, banning of a person because they only read a discussion board is petty, vindictive, immature, and authoritarian. How childish can a human being get acting this way.

That's all I have to say on the matter.

    • Re: Tolerance? Fugetaboutit.Ralph Jones, Sat Dec 1 02:31
      Everyone in this country has a right to have any opinion they want to and to express that opinion. However, freedom of expression is a promise made that the government cannot punish you for... more
      • Re: Tolerance? Fugetaboutit.Michael 5260 for Ralph Jones, Tue Dec 4 11:55
        What behavior? I never joined the other board, I never expressed an opinion on the other board, I never made a comment about any board member's opinion on the other board. My unpardonable offense was ... more
        • You are NOT bannedMichael For Script, Tue Dec 4 14:17
          Script: Stop it already. The blue bear screen is gone, and you weren't the only one it happened to. You're good to go!
    • banned in boston?bob mills for michael 5260 and forum, Fri Oct 5 12:06
      I'm not picking sides here. But getting banned is the norm for dissenters at this time in history. Dissenting makes one a "troll," which depending on your politics, makes one a nuisance or a heretic, ... more
      • Re: banned in boston?Michael, Fri Oct 5 12:27
        Bob - He's not banned and never was. Despite his attack on my character I still wouldn't ban him. Part of me understands how it sucks to have a routine disrupted, but his post above is a little over... more
    • Re: Tolerance? Fugetaboutit.Michael, Thu Oct 4 12:28
      You shouldn't be banned. If you joined under another name as a way to anonymously view that might be the cause. I have, acting on the advice of another member, started to delete some "old" accounts.... more
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