bob mills for michael 5260 and forum
banned in boston?
Fri Oct 5, 2018 12:06

I'm not picking sides here. But getting banned is the norm for dissenters at this time in history. Dissenting makes one a "troll," which depending on your politics, makes one a nuisance or a heretic, never the source of a fresh perspective on an issue.

  • Tolerance? Fugetaboutit.Michael 5260 for The Forum, Thu Oct 4 11:54
    This morning I went to my computer with a cup of coffee and started reading the news as I usually do. After that I stop off at this discussion board to read up on what's going on and I also make a... more
    • Re: Tolerance? Fugetaboutit.Ralph Jones, Sat Dec 1 02:31
      Everyone in this country has a right to have any opinion they want to and to express that opinion. However, freedom of expression is a promise made that the government cannot punish you for... more
      • Re: Tolerance? Fugetaboutit.Michael 5260 for Ralph Jones, Tue Dec 4 11:55
        What behavior? I never joined the other board, I never expressed an opinion on the other board, I never made a comment about any board member's opinion on the other board. My unpardonable offense was ... more
        • You are NOT bannedMichael For Script, Tue Dec 4 14:17
          Script: Stop it already. The blue bear screen is gone, and you weren't the only one it happened to. You're good to go!
    • banned in boston? — bob mills for michael 5260 and forum, Fri Oct 5 12:06
      • Re: banned in boston?Michael, Fri Oct 5 12:27
        Bob - He's not banned and never was. Despite his attack on my character I still wouldn't ban him. Part of me understands how it sucks to have a routine disrupted, but his post above is a little over... more
    • Re: Tolerance? Fugetaboutit.Michael, Thu Oct 4 12:28
      You shouldn't be banned. If you joined under another name as a way to anonymously view that might be the cause. I have, acting on the advice of another member, started to delete some "old" accounts.... more
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