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Opportunity knocks
Fri Oct 12, 2018 14:43

In all my decades of collecting on the LKC - mainly books and contemporary magazines - one specific title eluded me.

Behind the Evidence by Peter Reynolds (a pseudonym) is summarized thusly by Wikipedia: "The novel concerns conspiracy theories and a case similar to the Lindbergh kidnapping but set in a fictional Germanic country."

One website reports: "only 100 copies were printed, and of these only 37 were correctly hardbound. Of these, approximately 15 were sold with the remainder being taken by the author."

This very RARE book is now being offered by ABE books at a fair price of US$650.


    • "Behind the Evidence"Richard Sloan, Sat Oct 13 15:16
      There are two copies for sale on abebooks, Sam. Both at the same price. Author Peter Reynolds is actually two authors -- Amelia Reynolds Long and Wm. Crawford. Sorry you couldn't make the reunion. I... more
      • The tourSam, Sun Oct 14 11:40
        Thanks, Rich. I was very sad to miss the tour. I know everyone had a great time. For those who may be interested, there's a NJ tour coming up. It will NOT be nearly as good as Rich's but does go to... more
        • Re: The toursteve for sam, Thu Oct 18 09:57
          thanks sam I may want to go
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