Richard Sloan
"Behind the Evidence"
Sat Oct 13, 2018 15:16

There are two copies for sale on abebooks, Sam. Both at the same price. Author Peter Reynolds is actually two authors -- Amelia Reynolds Long and Wm. Crawford. Sorry you couldn't make the reunion. I did the best I could to get everyone aboard. COndon's house, as I reported, is still being worked on inside, but appears from the outside to be completely restored (tho not the garages). It just lacks character.

  • Opportunity knocksSam for serious collectors, Fri Oct 12 14:43
    In all my decades of collecting on the LKC - mainly books and contemporary magazines - one specific title eluded me. Behind the Evidence by Peter Reynolds (a pseudonym) is summarized thusly by... more
    • "Behind the Evidence" — Richard Sloan, Sat Oct 13 15:16
      • The tourSam, Sun Oct 14 11:40
        Thanks, Rich. I was very sad to miss the tour. I know everyone had a great time. For those who may be interested, there's a NJ tour coming up. It will NOT be nearly as good as Rich's but does go to... more
        • Re: The toursteve for sam, Thu Oct 18 09:57
          thanks sam I may want to go
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