Joe for Bob
Re: hauptmann's choice (not to be confused with sophie's)
Fri Nov 2, 2018 22:25

Bob, what do you think life imprisonment within a maximum security facility would have meant to Hauptmann other than a death sentence? From the perspective of one who had had so much first hand experience in evasion of and escape from the law? His thought process had nothing to do with any influence through organized crime.

In the end, he did protect those who knew about and may have participated peripherally or even significantly within the crime he was such a proven part of. And he spared his family a lifetime of dishonour and shame, even though it would not have been easy for them given the inarguable evidence against him.

  • hauptmann's choice (not to be confused with sophie's)bob mills for steve romeo and forum, Wed Oct 24 12:09
    I haven't looked at a source recently, Steve, but as I recall Hauptmann would have been sentenced to life only if he confessed AND named everyone in the conspiracy with him. I've long believed that... more
    • Re: hauptmann's choice (not to be confused with sophie's) — Joe for Bob, Fri Nov 2 22:25
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