Michael 5260 for Ronelle
Re: no
Sun Nov 4, 2018 08:45

Hi Ronelle. What are your thoughts about the handwriting.

  • noronelle to bob mills, Wed Oct 31 22:05
    There should NOT be a death penalty in any case. Every one of us is endangered by that law as long as it exists. Any one can be mistakenly identified or framed for a crime never committed. You and... more
    • Re: no — Michael 5260 for Ronelle, Sun Nov 4 08:45
    • Tennessee WilliamsSue for Ronelle and Bob Mills, Sat Nov 3 12:31
      I look forward to both your books coming out. Hauptmann's execution meant there would be no more possible answers from him about the Lindbergh case. Tennessee Williams -- of "A Streetcar Named... more
      • Re: Tennessee Williamssteve for sue, Tue Nov 6 09:38
        great find sue
      • cat on a hot electric chair?bob mills for sue, Sun Nov 4 04:41
        Thanks, Sue. Great work. Didn't know about Tennessee Wiliiams vis a vis Hauptmann, but it seems to fit with Williams' dark personality. My new book isn't about the LKC. It's a critique of the... more
        • The Glass Menagerie and MoreSue for Bob, Sat Nov 10 11:15
          Best of success with your new book about the two-party system! Semi-autobiographical and dark, "The Glass Menagerie" was required reading in high schools in the 1970s. I wonder if Williams had more... more
    • death penaltybob mills for ronelle, Thu Nov 1 08:46
      Ronelle, I hope nothing I posted suggests that I favor the death penalty. I do not. It doesn't deter crime, is applied inconsistently, and occasionally an innocent person has been executed. In... more
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