Sue for Bob
Re: the eaglet and the burlap bag
Mon Nov 12, 2018 16:51

Yeah, Bob, the importance of asking the right questions.

McCardle got Hauptmann's goat when she asked him about the burlap bag.

Maybe that's all she wanted to do -- get a reaction.

I'm surprised a mistrial wasn't declared when McCardle began asking Hauptmann questions, and he answered her. She says that he yelled loud enough that others could hear in the courtroom.

I'm still very much intrigued with the picture in my mind of Ellerson's car zooming off the Palisades cliffs!

By the way, McCardle's husband, Carl W. McCardle, worked for the Philadelphia Bulletin, not the Philadelphia Inquirer.

And Carl had a government position during the Eisenhower years.

Many, many years ago I posted articles from the Philadelphia-area newspapers from May 1932.
I think they had the most interesting articles pertaining to the discovery of the baby's body -- buzzards and stuff. There was also "reposts" of some of those articles.

  • the eaglet and the burlap bagbob mills for sue and forum, Sun Nov 11 04:17
    You come up with wonderful stuff, Sue. Apparently Dorothy Bartlett (McCardle) assumed that the Eaglet's body had been left in the woods at Mt. Rose Heights by Hauptmann on the night of the... more
    • Re: the eaglet and the burlap bag — Sue for Bob, Mon Nov 12 16:51
      • ellerson's "accident"bbb mills for sue and forum, Tue Nov 13 04:30
        Ellerson somehow drove his car to the edge of a cliff along the Palisades and jumped to safety at the last second as the car plunged to the edge of the Hudson River and burned almost beyond... more
        • Re: ellerson's "accident"Joe for Bob, Wed Nov 14 10:22
          Bob, there is no evidence I know of that Duane Baker and Henry Ellerson knew each other. Mind you, I'm all ears if you actually have any, as Duane Baker is still very much on my personal radar.... more
        • Ellerson and The Palisades CliffsSue for Bob, Tue Nov 13 19:42
          Besides Joyce Milton, what other sources record the details of what happened in the Henry Ellerson accident? What evidence is there that Ellerson's car was "burned almost beyond recognition"? Did the ... more
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