John Patrick's Book, Anyone?
Mon Nov 12, 2018 17:41

Has anyone ever wondered if John Patrick ever published his book about the Hopewell area and the Lindbergh kidnapping?

(Author John Patrick also spelled his name John Patric.)

He visited both Hopewell AND Flemington for the book.

I wonder who Patrick interviewed in these towns?

Looking at the front page of the May 22, 1946 edition of the Hopewell Herald newspaper is a brief article on the left hand side called "Famous Author in Town for Material."

Here it is:

John Patrick, famous author and world traveler, was in town Saturday gathering data for a new book. He interviewed several people and talked principally about this locality being the scene of the Lindbergh kidnapping and investugation.

The author has spent time in Japan and throughout Europe. Among his books are "Hobo of the Orient" and "Hobo Days in America."

He had also previously visited Flemington for material on the Hauptmann trial, so it is evident that his new book will include much about Hopewell and the Lindbergh tragedy,

Hopewell Herald
May 22, 1946
Page 1

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