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ellerson's "accident"
Tue Nov 13, 2018 04:30

Ellerson somehow drove his car to the edge of a cliff along the Palisades and jumped to safety at the last second as the car plunged to the edge of the Hudson River and burned almost beyond recognition.*

*(source) "Loss of Eden," by Joyce Milton

Doesn't this look to anyone else like a (successful) attempt to destroy evidence? The Eaglet's body was discovered shortly afterward.

Ellerson, for me, is the key to the mystery. He knew from Betty Gow's phone message that the Lindberghs were staying over at Highfields. He also knew Duane Baker, an ex-con who took over his job at Armour Meat Packing and whom he later met at Sha-Toe, the Fort Lee speakeasy. The first appearance of any large quantity of ransom money was made by "J./J. Faulkner," a non-existent person, but the same wording appeared on the dumbwaiter at Plymouth Apartments, where Baker (Bacon) was superintendent. A year earlier, less than two weeks after the ransom exchange at St. Raymond's, Baker had skipped town with the rent receipts in his pocket.

It defies all logic that Hauptmann would have left the Eaglet at the site where his body was found. It makes perfect sense that the body was moved there in Ellerson's car from its original place, to the spot where William Allen "discovered" it.

  • Re: the eaglet and the burlap bagSue for Bob, Mon Nov 12 16:51
    Yeah, Bob, the importance of asking the right questions. McCardle got Hauptmann's goat when she asked him about the burlap bag. Maybe that's all she wanted to do -- get a reaction. I'm surprised a... more
    • ellerson's "accident" — bbb mills for sue and forum, Tue Nov 13 04:30
      • Re: ellerson's "accident"Joe for Bob, Wed Nov 14 10:22
        Bob, there is no evidence I know of that Duane Baker and Henry Ellerson knew each other. Mind you, I'm all ears if you actually have any, as Duane Baker is still very much on my personal radar.... more
      • Ellerson and The Palisades CliffsSue for Bob, Tue Nov 13 19:42
        Besides Joyce Milton, what other sources record the details of what happened in the Henry Ellerson accident? What evidence is there that Ellerson's car was "burned almost beyond recognition"? Did the ... more
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