J.A. McKaughan & The Betty MacDonald Libel Trial
Sun Nov 25, 2018 15:03

J. A. McKaughan and the Betty MacDonald libel trial, I believe, explains Sid Whipple's inscription on a dedication page.

The inscription by Whipple is a current topic of a thread on the other Lindbergh kidnapping discussion board.

It reads:

To Mac --

of the clan McKaughan,

the only Scot who

ever had a heart --

Furthermore, he was

responsible for it and

if there's any libel,

he'll pay for it! Maybe!

Sid Whipple

    • The Tale of the Two Macs?Sue, Sun Nov 25 15:30
      Betty MacDonald's husband, Donald C. MacDonald, and J. A. McKaughan's Lippincott Company were named in the libel suit along with author Betty MacDonald. Could Whipple have been differentiating... more
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