The Tale of the Two Macs?
Sun Nov 25, 2018 15:30

Betty MacDonald's husband, Donald C. MacDonald, and J. A. McKaughan's Lippincott Company were named in the libel suit along with author Betty MacDonald.

Could Whipple have been differentiating between two Scottish Macs in his inscription?

MAC McKaughan and Donald C. MACDonald?

One a Scot he LIKED, and another a Scot that he did not LIKE?

Also, the MacDonald libel trial was underway in 1951, and may give a clue as to when Whipple wrote "To Mac."

Perhaps Sid Whipple and J. A. McKaughan were at a book talk or a book signing in 1951, prior to Whipple writing the inscription?

Just before putting pencil to paper, Whipple and McKaughan may have been discussing the MacDonald trial that was probably all over the news at that time in 1951.

That discussion may have given Whipple the inspiration to write the inscription.

  • J. A. McKaughan and the Betty MacDonald libel trial, I believe, explains Sid Whipple's inscription on a dedication page. The inscription by Whipple is a current topic of a thread on the other... more
    • The Tale of the Two Macs? — Sue, Sun Nov 25 15:30
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