Sue for Amy35
Why Hasn't Amy35 Answered?
Sun Dec 2, 2018 13:59

Why is it that when Steve and Joe provided information to you about my research on the "Sidney Whipple's Mac" mystery, that you became dead silent?

You were hot to talk about it and discuss all your genealogical research with everyone a few weeks ago.

Is it because I was the one who unlocked the mystery of the Sid Whipple inscription?

You're the one who asked for my research, and I provided it through Steve and Joe.

Why did you get quiet on the topic all of a sudden?

Is it because one of the other posters didn't find the solution?

Let's get honest here.

Everyone looks at BOTH Michael's board AND Ronelle's board.

And a link was provided for you.

    • RE: Why Hasn't Amy35 AnsweredAmy35, Mon Dec 3 08:00
      It wasn't necessary for me to follow up any further on the topic. I asked for the link for twestra not for myself. I was glad that Steve made me aware that you were looking to assist twestra. So I... more
      • The Sid Whipple MysterySue for Amy, Mon Dec 3 20:51
        Amy, A few weeks ago you seemed very intrigued by the Sidney Whipple mystery. I didn't want a pat on the back for DOING the research, I wanted to discuss the content of what I had found. Since you... more
        • RE: The Sid Whipple MysteryAmy, Wed Dec 5 09:04
          Sue, I was intrigued of by the "Mac" issue. It is why I did that very initial genealogical research on the McKaughan Clan. It also happens to include a MacDonald clan! I also said in that post that... more
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