steve for mike
Re: You Are Deeply Stupid
Mon Dec 3, 2018 12:02

first off sue and myself are good friends with ronnelle met many times on the Bronx tour. second many authors have used ronnelles board as a springboard to learn the case in the beginning of their research. sue is not all for herself or she wouldn't be posting her findings on here for years. I never saw jim fisher lose a debate on the case he must know something. as far as errors in his books I can name many books that are one big error.

  • Re: You Are Deeply StupidMichael, Sun Dec 2 08:54
    I won't accuse you of being stupid - just ignorant. Both of Fisher's book are littered with mistakes so they aren't the Bible you think they are. I mean c'mon - the guy invented conversations! From... more
    • Re: You Are Deeply Stupid — steve for mike, Mon Dec 3 12:02
      • Re: You Are Deeply StupidMichael, Tue Dec 4 08:15
        I get it Steve. Believe me I get it. Now as it pertains to Fisher... No book is perfect and I am not saying he got everything wrong. I've told everyone I know to read them but caution about the... more
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