Re: You Are Deeply Stupid
Tue Dec 4, 2018 08:15

I get it Steve. Believe me I get it.

Now as it pertains to Fisher... No book is perfect and I am not saying he got everything wrong. I've told everyone I know to read them but caution about the mistakes and invented conversations. On top of that they are both outdated. All anyone ever has to do is look at the footnotes. That's all - just look at the footnotes.

As far as debates go.... Before Columbus anyone who debated and took up the side that the world was flat won those too.

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    first off sue and myself are good friends with ronnelle met many times on the Bronx tour. second many authors have used ronnelles board as a springboard to learn the case in the beginning of their... more
    • Re: You Are Deeply Stupid — Michael, Tue Dec 4 08:15
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