Sue for Michael
You Make Wrong
Tue Dec 4, 2018 13:01

You better watch using words like bizarre, unhinged and irrational about me, Michael.

You certainly weren't using those words against me when I was contributing to your board(s) over the years!

And YOU continued this!

Last night I wrote a long post to you on this board, but decided against sending it.

So, I just pasted and clipped this message that I see every time I want to review my OWN contributions to your board:

"You have been banned from this forum."

I was willing to let this go last night, but you posted again this morning.

In fact, you have said much more than me.

And please don't go into "make wrong" with me against Ronelle.

It's a low blow.

I WANT to believe you are not a typical person who got processed through the public school system, and was denied a quality education.

That's a long time to spend sitting a chair -- 12 years!

Are you ashamed of the education that you got?

"Make Wrong" people are co-dependent.

The problem is that you sided with Falzini, Davidson, and that crowd, and didn't defend me.

You should of defended me if you were any kind of man, instead of the people-pleaser that you come across as.

I stopped posting on your board in 2013, but I was banned last year because I think your ego was bruised.

So you go into "make wrong," and want to prove the opposite by keep saying what a great book Mark and Jim put out.

That's because you are FRIENDS with them.

And, believe me, I'm glad they did the book.

So please stop making yourself look great by telling everyone what a fantastic book it is.

You give yourself away every time you say it.

I KNOW you are chummy with all those people.

What are you part of "The State Street" gang?

Is that the group you are part of?

Sounds very much like a clique to me.

I don't like cliques, I like people who are confident in themselves. I like people who don't have to process things through others to get emboldened to say things.

YOU'RE the bully.

You hide behind your board, like the wizard from "The Wizard of Oz."

And I'd love to reference when RONELLE defended me in 2013 against you when you sided with your State Street pals.

But I can't access my OWN posts on your board.

And what's with these IPS!!!

A librarian and TWO tech guys said they were troubled that the IPS on the boards compromise privacy!

They were weirded-out when they saw a message that says something to the effect "This connection is not private."

That is very, very troubling to me.

And they thought so, too.

  • Re: About YouMichael For Sue, Tue Dec 4 08:03
    Exactly. Your bizarre, unhinged, and irrational post was about YOU. Someone maligns Ronelle and here is your chance to defend a loyal and great friend but you choose instead to use it as a way to... more
    • You Make Wrong — Sue for Michael, Tue Dec 4 13:01
      • Re: You Make WrongMichael, Tue Dec 4 14:06
        I don't even know where to respond to this but I can say this: If you were actually right I would have defended you no matter who the offender was. But I cannot pretend you were correct about... more
    • civil discoursebob mills for entire forum, Tue Dec 4 10:34
      This forum is turning into a first cousin of Breitbart or RawStory. Can't we discuss historical controversies without attacking one another? Just because certain politicians (no names, please) don't... more
      • For Bob Millsjdb, Sun Dec 9 05:12
        Thank you, Bob Mills. If people don't mind their manners here this forum is going to turn into an Internet nightmare version of the old Morton Downey, Jr. show. It's sort of half-way there already,... more
        • the decline of civilitybob mills for john b., Mon Dec 10 10:19
          Amen, John. Ronelle started the forum, so any restrictions or punishments for bad manners should originate with her. There have always been intellectuals who look down their noses at those they... more
          • Bad Mannersjdb, Tue Dec 11 03:17
            Hi Bob, Bad manners have been on the rise in recent years, especially on the Internet and in social media. This is the downside of being able to, in effect, speak to others without having to see... more
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