Re: You Make Wrong
Tue Dec 4, 2018 14:06

I don't even know where to respond to this but I can say this:

If you were actually right I would have defended you no matter who the offender was. But I cannot pretend you were correct about something when I do not believe you were then - and certainly do not believe it now. With this in mind, how can I say you are? So I didn't "pick" sides - I simply had no choice.

Next, I don't care what anyone thinks what about me. If I did I wouldn't be responding because it makes me look as crazy as you have been acting for the last couple of years.

All of this other stuff about public schools or IT guys telling jokes or what have you is more or less an amusement ride. I am glad they took your side because we all know what happens if someone does not! Ask yourself what the point of telling me about IT guys or how you think I might react to it? It doesn't bother me but its what you were hoping for right?

Look, I tried to be diplomatic because I never wanted to upset you. After that I tried keeping quiet. And here we are years later - and I'm the Bully? Ever read the "Boy Who Cried Wolf?" Don't be that person Sue. Realize that two people sometimes see things differently. Consider that it might not actually be because of the fictional narrative you made up in your head to explain it.

I did not defend you because I believe you are wrong. That's all there is (and ever was) to it.

  • You Make WrongSue for Michael, Tue Dec 4 13:01
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