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Wed Dec 5, 2018 09:04


I was intrigued of by the "Mac" issue. It is why I did that very initial genealogical research on the McKaughan Clan. It also happens to include a MacDonald clan! I also said in that post that it would be necessary to find a NY link to this clan since I knew Whipple was based in the New York City area in 1937-38 a dramatic critic for the New York World Telegram and there was talk of the possibility that Whipple might file libel charges against Gov. Hoffman who would be mentioning Whipple at some point in his Liberty articles.

This is as far as I went with the researching because I became aware through Steve that you were also researching for twestra and I thought it would be important for her to be able to read what you were finding for her. Steve said you found the answer to who "Mac" was. I thought that was great. Twestra should be able to read what you were finding. Unfortunately not everyone covers both boards. That is why I sought a link to your research. I really wanted her to have a chance to review what you were attempting to do for her. I hope I didn't make a mistake by trying to do this.

Although I haven't read all your research posts on this topic, I did review the "Two Macs" one that you mention in your post to me. I really like what you found and certainly see the possibility of the Mac being connected to that libel case going on during that time period. I think that it might be good to look into where Whipple was during this libel trial you uncovered. I know he was out of the country for a bit but I have not looked at exactly when that was. It could help tie this inscription to a certain place and time.

Having said that, I, of course, cannot really evaluate your research the way it needs to be and say which Mac might be the correct one. Twestra is the best source for this along with her professor who has the inscribed book. She really should have replied to you. Your research efforts on her behalf were certainly worthy of such a response.

I am glad that you jumped into this topic and contributed so much. I only hope that Twestra did at least review the research you did for her. Believe me, I would like to know what she and her professor thought about what you found!!

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    Amy, A few weeks ago you seemed very intrigued by the Sidney Whipple mystery. I didn't want a pat on the back for DOING the research, I wanted to discuss the content of what I had found. Since you... more
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