For Bob Mills
Sun Dec 9, 2018 05:12

Thank you, Bob Mills.

If people don't mind their manners here this forum is going to turn into an Internet nightmare version of the old Morton Downey, Jr. show. It's sort of half-way there already, but there's still the hope of pulling back.

So many sites, blogs, forums and the like have gone to the dogs due to trolls and bad manners generally. The better managed ones now have admins, literal board monitors (usually just called admins, for administrators) and maybe that would be a good idea here.

It would have to be a non-paying job for some forum veteran willing to put in the time and effort. I know this can work because I've seen it work. This would not be an ideal situation, but it may be the only way to save this place from utter chaos.

There have always been troublesome forum members. Most of us remember Allen. A long time back there was a regular named David, a smart, educated well informed guy, he treated people badly. David often hurt people's feelings, not intentionally but due to the kind if person he was.

In any case, my suggestion: if this place gets a board monitor of some kind, is to ban any and all ad hominem attacks, even mild insults and innocuous seeming putdowns. The focus should be on the Lindbergh kidnapping case; calling others morons and idiots is unacceptable behavior. Posts that do this shall be removed entirely.

Is this the best way to go? Well, it would be a good start anyway.

John B.

  • civil discoursebob mills for entire forum, Tue Dec 4 10:34
    This forum is turning into a first cousin of Breitbart or RawStory. Can't we discuss historical controversies without attacking one another? Just because certain politicians (no names, please) don't... more
    • For Bob Mills — jdb, Sun Dec 9 05:12
      • the decline of civilitybob mills for john b., Mon Dec 10 10:19
        Amen, John. Ronelle started the forum, so any restrictions or punishments for bad manners should originate with her. There have always been intellectuals who look down their noses at those they... more
        • Bad Mannersjdb, Tue Dec 11 03:17
          Hi Bob, Bad manners have been on the rise in recent years, especially on the Internet and in social media. This is the downside of being able to, in effect, speak to others without having to see... more
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