Nat Weiner
My Experiment At St. Raymond's
Sun Dec 9, 2018 18:35

Circa 2001, I went to St. Raymond's Cemetery where the ransom was handed off. I parked the car (with my wife's then 10 year old son in it) at the location where Lindbergh parked. I stood at the point where Cemetery John uttered "hey Doktor."

I whispered it. The child did not hear me. I said it a little louder. He did not hear it. Only when I screamed, practically at the top of my lungs, did he hear me. I don't believe Lindbergh heard "Hey Doktor."

Does this mean I think Hauptmann wasn't some how involved? No. Did Hauptmann receive a fair trial? Maybe, maybe not. Do I think Hauptmann was framed? No. But I do not believe Lindbergh heard "hey Doktor." And I conducted a live experiment to back up what I say.

I don't care if Hauptmann was guilty or innocent. I do care about the truth. Whatever it is.


    • voicesteve romeo, Tue Dec 11 09:53
      but did you do it at night
    • Just One Thingjdb, Tue Dec 11 02:58
      That sounds great, Nat. Maybe what you say about Lindbergh is true. Yet isn't it possible that someone,--maybe not Hauptmann, and I'm not saying it was--did call out "Hey, Doktor!"? Where from I... more
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