Somewhat Similar
Mon Dec 10, 2018 04:51

I can see some similarities as to type with Meghan and Harry. She's a lot better looking woman than her husband is a handsome man. The Lindberghs were both attractive. I've always found Ann highly attractive in a poetic sort way. A babe she was not. She was a real writer, an artist, and she had a depth of feeling about her; a soulful quality. You can see it in her face, her expressions.

Charles was a tall, lean and at the time a fairly typically good looking All-American fellow. Also, he had an amazing career as an aviator. Has Prince Harry distinguished himself at anything? I'm not knocking him (he's still young), just askin'. Meghan is far more conventionally pretty than Ann was.

As to Harry and Meghan as a couple and their resemblance to the Lindberghs, I think that aside from the royalty thing,--no small matter, but not so important today as it was ninety years ago--as media figures there are some similarities. One thing that made the Lindberghs so attractive back in the early 20th century was that they were both gifted in addition to being rich attractive. Otherwise, they strike me as (strangely) rather ordinary.


  • Lindy Wannabee, well sort of...tanialee, Sat Jul 7 01:09
    Have any of you noticed how much Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry remind one of Charles and Anne Lindbergh? Not so much in looks although I've seen Meghan with her hair tied back in a low... more
    • Somewhat Similar — jdb, Mon Dec 10 04:51
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