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Tue Dec 11, 2018 02:58

That sounds great, Nat. Maybe what you say about Lindbergh is true. Yet isn't it possible that someone,--maybe not Hauptmann, and I'm not saying it was--did call out "Hey, Doktor!"? Where from I cannot say. Maybe Cemetery John was standing elsewhere. Or possibly someone else, who had a similar accent, made the call.

There was a lot going on that night, maybe not on the street but in Lindbergh's head. Emotionally, I mean. Whatever the case with him, whether loving father, heartless murderer of his own son,--we can go down the list of loose working hypotheses of what CAL was up to (or wasn't) that might--he must have been tense, anxious, and filled with cautious optimism or fear of being caught as the perp or duped by clever criminals, or of being exposed as a prankster.

This must have been one of the most difficult nights of Lindbergh's life. If he was up to anything wrong, could be exposed as something less than a sterling All-American hero cum loving father, it would be curtains for Lindy. But this is assuming that CAL was up to something, or had been prior to the kidnapping, if that's what happened to little Charlie. Either way, Lindbergh could not have been in a calm state of mind.

I know the aforementioned must read a bit like an episode of the TV show Columbo, with me playing the detective. This is meant with no disrespect for all those involved in the LKC, then or now. Nor am I making light of it. That aside, and with all due respect, having just raised several more things, I have just one more thing to add regarding the "Hey Doktor!" business, or rather question: wasn't New York a far quieter city in 1932 than it is in the New Millenium? Weren't there way fewer cars on the street, not so many radio sounds? I'm pondering what you wrote and how one can determine how much noise, or how many noises there were, back in 1932, when compared to today.

John B.

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    • voicesteve romeo, Tue Dec 11 09:53
      but did you do it at night
    • Just One Thing — jdb, Tue Dec 11 02:58
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