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Nat Weiner
My Answer for Steve and John - Experiment at St. Ray's
Tue Dec 11, 2018 18:30

To Steve: yes, I did it at night. And while it was approximately 17 years ago and my 56 year old brain is getting older by the day, near as I recall it was approximately 9 o'clock.

To John: I waited until there were no cars. The area surrounding the cemetery at night is relatively sparsely populated and relatively quiet at night. Being a lifelong Bronx resident I have passed the site of the ransom drop many times, day or night.

Did Lindbergh deliberately perjure himself? Don't know. Did he convince himself he heard it? Don't know. Do I believe Hauptmann was involved to some extent with the kidnapping? Absolutely. Do I believe there are many nagging unanswered questions about this case? Absolutely. But based upon my experiment, I simply do not believe - and never will believe - that Lindbergh actually heard "Hey Doktor."

    • at the trial a newspaper reporter heard Lindbergh say after hearing Hauptman that he was really sure it was his voice. I have the article but who knows I personally feel Hauptman was at the cemetery
    • Greatly Appreciatedjdb, Wed Dec 12 05:01
      Your response is greatly appreciated, Nat. By me anyway. It sounds like you did exactly what I hoped you would have done: to duplicate, as much as possible, the conditions, the environment, in and... more
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