Greatly Appreciated
Wed Dec 12, 2018 05:01

Your response is greatly appreciated, Nat. By me anyway. It sounds like you did exactly what I hoped you would have done: to duplicate, as much as possible, the conditions, the environment, in and around St. Raymond's and the surrounding area apparently, so far as you can determine, very near to what they were back in 1932 so far as sound and more generally noise is concerned; and this was the nub of my question.

If that is so then Lindbergh was either lying, delusional (seems unlikely)or following some plan set up by Condon or someone else to have "presumably" heard something he didn't actually hear. I suppose Lindbergh was "in", so to speak, on some larger scheme, may even have been coached to be on the lookout for and try to hear someone say very close to what he testified he heard. If this is so, there is no excuse for it. He lied.

On a purely personal note I'd like to say that where I grew up, just outside Boston, it was fairly quiet at night despite some passenger and freight trains nearby. Luckily for my family there were buffers to keep the noise, which wasn't bad to begin with, down. Tall trees and some housing near the railroad tracks helped. Yet when all that was torn down later, and what replaced most of the trains was the Massachusetts Turnpike, it's way louder than it was back when I was a kid; and noisier than most city neighborhoods. I spent a few nights at my father's house after he died to do some cleaning up and packing. By the time I was done I was eager to return to the relative peace and quiet of the city street I lived on. The noise, the din of the traffic, was horrible.

It's funny, and rather odd, how many personal memories can actually enhance once's knowledge and understanding of the Lindbergh kidnapping case. We have, most of the regulars here, especially the old-timers among us, delved into our own "pasts" and come up with some worthwhile information and insights.

Thanks for posting,

John B.

  • To Steve: yes, I did it at night. And while it was approximately 17 years ago and my 56 year old brain is getting older by the day, near as I recall it was approximately 9 o'clock. To John: I waited... more
    • at the trial a newspaper reporter heard Lindbergh say after hearing Hauptman that he was really sure it was his voice. I have the article but who knows I personally feel Hauptman was at the cemetery
      • "hey, doktor!"Richard Sloan, Wed Feb 20 13:47
        Don't you remember, Steve, that on all of my bus tours I recreated Cemetery John hollering out, "Hey, doctor! Over here!"? It gave an added dimension to the story for everyone. However, it was never... more
        • st. raymond's tripbob mills for richard sloan and forum, Thu Feb 21 11:59
          I remember the bus trip when we visited St. Raymond's, Richard. Standing where Lindy parked, I remember thinking that he was right in saying how difficult it would be to identify Cemetery John's... more
          • hey, doktor!Richard Sloan, Fri Feb 22 10:09
            ALways good to hear from you. You wrote that you believe CAL had a change of heart about hearing Bruno's voice bec. he was convinced from other evidence. I have a very diff't take on it. I believe... more
    • Greatly Appreciated — jdb, Wed Dec 12 05:01
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