Nat Weiner
Was Hauptmann At the Cemetery - For Steve
Thu Dec 13, 2018 19:23

I have two issues with Hauptmann being at the cemetery. First, Cemetery John (according to Condon, who may or may not be trustworthy), CJ was bouncing around the cemetery while Hauptmann suffered from phlebitis. Second, based upon my experiment, I simply do not believe Lindbergh heard Hey Doktor.

None of which negates Hauptmann's involvement in the kidnapping, whatever it may be.

    • Re: Was Hauptmann At the Cemetery - For Stevesteve for nat, Sat Dec 15 10:44
      I went on Ritchie sloans Bronx tour for years and we did that experiment a lot of times.i think he heard it but that's just a part of whatconvicted him. I don't think hauptmans medical condition hurt ... more
      • Agreed Steve, Hauptmann was physically able to do a lot more than hang out in a cemetery at night. He could be described as athletic, by his own admission and through the accounts of his activities... more
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