Re: Was Hauptmann At the Cemetery - For Steve
Sat Dec 15, 2018 12:25

Agreed Steve, Hauptmann was physically able to do a lot more than hang out in a cemetery at night. He could be described as athletic, by his own admission and through the accounts of his activities at City Island and Hunter's Island. As far as Lindbergh hearing him or not, I see no reason to believe he didn't, based on his original accounting of the St. Raymond's ransom payment. I'm aware of the actual distance involved from Rich Sloan's tours. What is it, about 200 feet? On a quiet early spring evening when you're on high alert, I don't see why not.

One question though.. did Lindbergh claim to have his driver's side window open?

  • Re: Was Hauptmann At the Cemetery - For Stevesteve for nat, Sat Dec 15 10:44
    I went on Ritchie sloans Bronx tour for years and we did that experiment a lot of times.i think he heard it but that's just a part of whatconvicted him. I don't think hauptmans medical condition hurt ... more
    • Re: Was Hauptmann At the Cemetery - For Steve — Joe, Sat Dec 15 12:25
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