Nat Weiner
Jim Fisher's Website - for Ralph Jones or anyone else
Sat Dec 15, 2018 19:20

I just visited Jim Fisher's website and took a long, although not complete, look.

The first thing I would like to say to Mr. Jones is that your opinions would probably b taken a lot more seriously if they were presented with civility, as opposed to vituperation. Having said that, I have a number of problems with Fisher's theories and assertions, too numerous to post here. But my biggest problem with his website is that he does not cite a single source for the many quotes and assertions he makes. For example, he claims that Hauptmann spent $36,000, but does not claim a source for this piece of information.

I happen to agree that Hauptmann was guilty. To what degree I do not know. But I don't see how Fisher's websit could be taken as gospel hen he doesn't cite a single source.

Mr. Jones, we don't learn by ridiculing and mocking the opinions of others. We learn through a calm and civil exchnnage of ideas and differences of opinion.

    • i know jim personally, I see people writing books without sources and there some bad ones. jim thinks Hauptman did it alone and I agree with him
      • Fisher: for SteveNat Weiner, Sun Dec 23 21:52
        Steve: simply because you know Fisher personally and other people have written books without citing sources does not make Fisher right or wrong. Second, I'll repeat: it would be nice if Fisher would... more
        • Re: Fisher: for Stevesteve for nat, Thu Dec 27 10:36
          to much stuff is written without sources it wouldn't matter to me I think your nitpicking
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