For Nat, Bob & Others
Sun Dec 16, 2018 13:10

Whenever I've discussed the LKC with people, usually aging family members, who remembered Lindbergh's "heyday" as a national celebrity well, including his transatlantic flight, the kidnapping, his isolationism, they all recalled his immense prestige at the time, his near "untouchable" status.

Lindbergh was a kind of god. What we see actors do in movies,--accomplishing great deeds against amazing odds--Lindbergh did in real life. This isn't something any lawyer in his right mind would "mess with". In this, Ed Reilly, whatever else might have gone wrong with his mental faculties, was eminently sane.

This is the real reason why just about everything Lindbergh said was never publicly challenged. Even those in positions of authority, men of great power, well beyond Lindbergh's actual power as a private citizen, stood down when it came to questioning the man's actions, his motivations.

It seems to me that any discussion of the Lindbergh kidnapping case and why things went as they did, whether in the courtroom or prior to Hauptmann's arrest, has to take this into account. If it had been an "ordinary" case things would have gone down differently. When it was all over Lindbergh remained untarnished. That was the idea.


  • "Hey Reilly!"bob mills for nat weiner and forum, Fri Dec 14 10:46
    Reilly should have drilled home the point that Lindy's courtroom testimony contradicted his prior statement that he didn't think anyone's voice could be identified from the distance between him and... more
    • For Nat, Bob & Others — jdb, Sun Dec 16 13:10
      • lindy and the publicbob mills for forum, Mon Dec 17 11:01
        Lindy's iconic status with the public exceeded anyone else's in public life at the time. What is often overlooked is that the LKC altered the public's (and the law's) view of kidnapping as a criminal ... more
        • Reilly's Choicejdb, Mon Dec 17 19:37
          Hi Bob, So true about Lindbergh's hero status. It's almost like he was the last star of the silent screen; and his stardom continued into the "talkie" era. On the other hand, and for the same reason, ... more
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