bob mills for john b and forum
Mon Dec 17, 2018 22:03

Have to agree with you Bob that CJ very well was Isador Fisch and because of the reasons you have mentioned here which were spot on I'd say. Everything adds up the way you've stated it but of course, without proof of some things, we may never know for certain. I never once thought about the fact that the ransom money would be useless in Germany. I think you've hit the nail on the head Bob
Btw, Merry Christmas to you, hope you have a great one this year. :)


  • cemetery johnbob mills for john b and forum, Sat Dec 15 13:06
    I believe Cemetery John was Isidor Fisch, for the following reasons: 1. Jafsie said C.J. had a "hacking cough." Fisch had tuberculosis. That connects. 2. Hauptmann showed no fear of being apprehended ... more
    • bob mills for john b and forum — tanialee, Mon Dec 17 22:03
      • hauptman vis a vis cemetery johnbob mills for tanialee, Fri Dec 21 18:35
        Thanks, Tanialee. I've been intrigued by the fact that folks here don't view the LKC through Hauptmann's eyes. Was he a bad guy? Sure he was. But did he sacrifice himself? I doubt it. How can we... more
    • Cemetery Johnjdb, Sat Dec 15 15:18
      Good points, Bob, and thanks for responding. My issues with Fisch has been with his height, way shorter than what Condon noted for CJ; and his apparently slightly Yiddish inflected German accent,... more
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