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hauptmann's dilemma
Fri Dec 21, 2018 18:24

If not "nothing to confess," maybe "confession to being part of a mob-organized gang?"

If Hauptmann had been part of a gang hired by associates of Al Capone (otherwise, how could Capone have ever hoped to exit prison by returning the Eaglet to his family?"), then any confession could have jeopardized his wife and infant son. Does anyone doubt that the mob operates this way? Is it not agreed that mob tactics weren't well understood in 1932, but have since been made clear through the Valachi papers and later revelations?

  • Re: Hauptmann's storyAnonymous, Fri Dec 21 10:34
    Michael Attorneys will do and say anything to win? Today there really are limits on what an attorney who has and sense of ethics will do. I suspect the same was true than as well. Even if he does not ... more
    • Re: Hauptmann's storyMichael 5260 for Mjr, Sun Dec 23 08:44
      It is hoped that all attorneys have a sense of ethics. Unfortunately there are some that do not. Speaking of perjury. It does take place. People will lie under oath on the witness stand, in... more
      • lying for the statebob mills for michael 5260 and forum, Mon Dec 24 07:03
        It strikes me that lying is a means to an end at high levels of government. Witness Michael Flynn's lies. He's a three-star general who evidently saw a higher purpose than answering questions from... more
    • hauptmann's dilemma — bob mills for forum, Fri Dec 21 18:24
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