Michael 5260 for Mjr
Re: Hauptmann's story
Sun Dec 23, 2018 08:44

It is hoped that all attorneys have a sense of ethics. Unfortunately there are some that do not.

Speaking of perjury. It does take place. People will lie under oath on the witness stand, in depositions, and in affidavits. The sickening part about it is that people are rarely convicted and punished for committing perjury.

You can picture civil or criminal trials as contests in persuasion. Each side tries to convince the trier of fact that their side is the correct side. Obviously, both sides cannot be correct in their assertions. It is up to the trier of fact to decide which side is the correct side.

Hauptmann could have saved his life by giving a full confession but it would have been a Pyrrhic victory for him. A confession would have required Hauptmann to give all the sordid details concerning the crime that would then be checked and verified by the investigators. He couldn't get by with some kind of fanciful, fabricated cock-and-bull story. The investigators would have wanted checkable facts.

Hauptmann's win? Probably 30 years to life in prison with the strong possibility that he would have been killed in prison by another prisoner. Convicts do have their own warped code that they live by and their sense of justice does not condone a baby killer. Civilians on the outside may wring their hands over the execution of a baby killer. Convicts do not.

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    • Re: Hauptmann's story — Michael 5260 for Mjr, Sun Dec 23 08:44
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