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lying for the state
Mon Dec 24, 2018 07:03

It strikes me that lying is a means to an end at high levels of government. Witness Michael Flynn's lies. He's a three-star general who evidently saw a higher purpose than answering questions from the FBI honestly.

The CIA operates just like the Mafia. Their loyalty is to themselves, not to the country at large. They tell the truth only when it's convenient, in the precious name of keeping secrets. CIA operatives swear an oath to protect the organization at all costs.

In a strange way, Flynn's lies are understandable. When our "security agencies" operate according to a code of their own, who is to say that truthfulness is more important than achieving what someone calls "security?" Flynn might well have thought his lies were told in a patriotic context.

  • Re: Hauptmann's storyMichael 5260 for Mjr, Sun Dec 23 08:44
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    • lying for the state — bob mills for michael 5260 and forum, Mon Dec 24 07:03
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