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The sound of crickets.
Thu Dec 27, 2018 09:52

Years ago, too many years ago, I had a cordial conversation over the telephone with Gus R. Lesnevich. We talked shop a little and during the conversation I asked him if I might be able to have copies of the Standards of Comparison handwritings of Bruno Richard Hauptmann that he used during his examination and comparison to the Lindbergh ransom notes.

Gus told me the documents were in the possession of Robert R. Bryan, Anna Hauptmann's attorney for 15 years, and that I would have to ask Bryan about them. I said okay.

The next day I wrote a letter to Robert Bryan on my letterhead stationery, the letterhead obviously explained my profession, requesting copies of the Standards of Comparison handwritings. I told Bryan I would "pay in advance" the fees for all the photocopying, postage, envelopes, time, etc.

To this day I have not heard a word from Robert R. Bryan.

Any thoughts?

    • Re: The sound of crickets.Joe, Thu Dec 27 20:15
      Michael, I couldn't begin to conjecture as to why Robert Bryan didn't get back to you, as their may be a multitude of potential reasons. I can tell you though that at the present moment, I'm very... more
      • Re: The sound of crickets.Michael 5260 for Joe, Fri Dec 28 10:14
        Gus Lesnevich has excellent credentials. He is a competent and reliable document examiner. There is no reason for us to think otherwise. I trust him. Because I trust Gus is why I called him about the ... more
        • Re: The sound of crickets.Joe for Michael 5260, Sun Dec 30 08:55
          I'm sure Gus Lesnevich is a very competent and reliable document examiner, Michael. From your conversation with him, do you know if he was aware of the origin of the standards of comparison and the... more
          • Re: The sound of crickets.Michael 5260 for Joe, Sun Dec 30 10:42
            I didn't want to din Gus with questions about the standards of comparison. It didn't seem appropriate to start acting like an inquisitor during our conversation. Whatever the standards of comparison... more
            • Re: The sound of crickets.Joe for Michael 5260, Mon Dec 31 10:52
              In the absence of anything further, I'm left wondering a couple of things here. Firstly, how Kennedy could have claimed what he did in his book, ie. Gus Lesnevich determining that Hauptmann did not... more
              • Re: The sound of crickets.Michael 5260 for Joe, Mon Dec 31 13:20
                I do not know how Kennedy obtained Gus' opinion. I do know that Gus had been examining questioned documents for years for the government and in 1981 he went into private practice. Kennedy's book came ... more
                • Re: The sound of crickets.Joe for Michael 5260, Mon Dec 31 17:49
                  I understand the logic here Michael, but I also have to believe that unless he lived in a cave, Gus Lesnevich would have understood categorically that Hauptmann was the writer of the Lindbergh... more
                  • Re: The sound of crickets.Michael 5260 for Joe, Wed Jan 2 12:11
                    We only have Gus Lesnevich's professional opinion in the back of Kennedy's book. His detailed examination "findings" were not explained. Robert Bryan has the complete written report and the standards ... more
                • Re: The sound of crickets.Michael, Mon Dec 31 14:31
                  I would expect two experts would be considered "equals." However, if one examined "less" material then I think that would start to upset that balance and question the equality between the two. So who ... more
            • Re: The sound of crickets.MichaelM, Mon Dec 31 08:49
              Since you asked Script - here are my thoughts: 1. What makes someone a QDE? If there is a standard and if one meets that standard how can they be either "good" or "bad?" Since they employ the same... more
    • Re: The sound of crickets.steve for mike, Thu Dec 27 10:34
      I met Robert many years ago it seemed he was backing off the case after anna Hauptman died
      • Re: The sound of crickets.Michael for Steve, Fri Dec 28 20:24
        It was a wise thing for him to do. It must have been exhausting trying to turn water into wine for 15 years.
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