Hauptmann, the Kamenzer, in New German Documentary
Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:58

Have you been thinking about the German documentary lately?

Do you think the project will air in 2019?

This is the 2015 German book by Roland Dantz and Frank Oehl?;article=50245;search_term=german+book

How much of Robert Bryan is behind the film?

Where is Bryan's OWN book after all these years?

There is a black and white picture of a young boy in the December 16, 2018 article.

Will the new documentary be promoting that he, too, is a Lindbergh baby?

A picture of the US and Munich film crews appear in the December 16, 2018 German article.

New researcher names come up like Thomas Binder and Thomas Kappler.

The Munich archivist was sought out for the project?

Hauptmann through the German perspective.

I think some of these articles can be translated from German to English.

    • Re: Hauptmann, the Kamenzer, in New German Documentarysteve for sue, Fri Jan 11 09:38
      great find sue, hope when it comes in dvd they have a English version
    • Thanks Sue, that's a great find and perhaps there will be some interesting tidbits about Hauptmann's earlier life. Here's the article translated into English:... more
      • Hi, Joe. I suppose all articles relating to the Roland Dantz and Frank Oehl book will be helpful. "Hauptmann and McGehee ... more
      • Oops.. I guess it didn't copy and paste translated. Hopefully your page will have the same pop-up translator that mine had!
        • Wilfried WendtSue, Sat Jan 12 16:10
          Hopefully, this article can also be translated into English! Wilfried Wendt, a Hauptmann relative, saved a copy of Hauptmann's autobiography!... more
          • Google Translate of the ArticleJoe for Sue, Sat Jan 12 16:50
            American proves Hauptmann's innocence The American lawyer Robert R. Bryan (pictured left) has been dealing with the case of the Kamenz emigrant Bruno Richard Hauptmann, who was executed in 1936 -... more
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