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Re: Boad Nelly note spelling
Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:01

Good observation about the ransom note with, "After 8 houers you gete the Adr;

Hauptmann first mentions the same thing in the third ransom note "But befor telling you the Adr. a delay of 8 houers will be between."

Notice the beginning of the eighth ransom note. "have the money ready by Saturday evening we will inform you where and how to deliver it. have the money in one bundle we want you to put it in a sertain place."

The original intention was for the ransom money to be dropped off somewhere(delivered) leaving the Boad Nelly note behind. This sentence also tells us that the idea was to not have a physical face-to-face exchange of the money and the directional note telling the location of the baby. This is another clue pointing to the probability of the Boad Nelly ransom note being written in advance of the cemetery meeting. The eighth ransom note also mentions that "on the place you find two ladies, the are innocence." This statement is in agreement with the sentence found in the Boad Nelly ransom note, "two person are on the Boad the are innocent."

After the baby was taken and the nursery note left behind Hauptmann was winging it the rest of the way until the final ransom payoff. The only information he could possibly pickup on about the kidnapping was from the radio and the newspapers. Each of the ransom notes are a reaction to the information he obtains from the media. Proof of this is the March 4 ransom note that rebukes the Lindberghs, "We have warned you note to make anyding Public also notify the Police now you have to take the consequences." He knows the police have been brought into the case and he is peeved about it after he had warned against it in the Nursery note.

When you study all of the ransom notes it is noticeable how real and fictional kidnappers start stacking up during the communications.

The writer of the ransom notes. He's real.

Two ladies are mentioned.

They have to take another person to it.

They have to take on another lady.

A fictional #1 is mentioned to Dr. Condon.

Hauptmann was fabricating a fictitious gang as he went along communicating with Lindbergh and Condon. There was no "we" in this kidnapping. After eighty-seven years without finding a Hauptmann accomplice the message should be an obvious one. There was no accomplice or accomplices.

If a person should choose to try and find a Hauptmann accomplice the best place too look is at every single law enforcement investigative report(all agencies) that were written following leads regarding a person or persons suspected of taking care of the baby during ransom negotiations. The police must have done this because they had a "gang on the brain" theory going full blast at the time. They would still do this investigation even after the baby was found dead.

If Hauptmann had intended to keep the baby alive and then make an exchange for the ransom money there had to be at least one person assigned to the task of taking care of the baby.

If the baby was killed accidently during the kidnapping there would still have been an accomplice already in place to take care of the baby. Hauptmann could not have known the baby would die accidently, therefore there would have been at least one individual assigned to tend to the baby.

There is a third probability, it is a very dark one, and it is the one that makes the most sense.

Searching for an accomplice, just one, would be an exhaustive investigation that would take years and years to accomplish. When nothing highly provable was found it would leave a person with a profound empty feeling to say the least. Ah, I guess a person must suffer for their art Joe.

  • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingJoe for Michael 5260, Sat Jan 12 13:14
    Michael, certainly CJ would not have handed over any note until the ransom money was turned over. That's a given. Remember though that CJ's ransom note number eight, (number nine if you include the... more
    • Re: Boad Nelly note spelling — Michael 5260 for Joe, Sun Jan 13 11:01
      • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingJoe for Michael 5260, Sun Jan 13 12:43
        Michael, plans change when their weaknesses are realized, and within the planner's buildup to the ransom exchange, this is what appears to have happened. CJ was a very shrewd negotiator. Ransom note... more
        • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingMichael 5260 for Joe, Sun Jan 13 22:07
          Joe, in the fifth ransom note, reverse side, we have the first mention of the 8 hour waiting period, "after 8 houers we have the money received we will notify you where to find the baby." This was... more
          • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingJoe for Michael 5260, Tue Jan 15 18:52
            Michael, would it be possible to determine if the Boad Nelly note was written on the same type of paper as the rest of the ransom notes?
            • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingMichael 5260 for Joe, Wed Jan 16 09:19
              Yes. By using the same method of comparison used to analyze the Nursery note and the March 4 ransom note.
              • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingJoe for Michael 5260, Wed Jan 16 11:43
                Do you know if the Boad Nelly note was written on the same writing paper (carried by F.W. Woolworth's) as the rest of the notes? When all is said and done, it seems feasible that Hauptmann could have ... more
                • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingMichael 5260 for Joe, Wed Jan 16 14:44
                  I haven't compared the Boad Nelly note the to directional note left near the Bergen Greenhouse. This comparison would provide a quick answer. They did find the same kind of stationery in Hauptmann's... more
                  • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingJoe for Michael 5260, Thu Jan 17 11:00
                    Michael, I asked Mark Falzini my question. To his knowledge, the only two ransom notes compared with each other for linen stock, were the nursery note and ransom note one, which of course were... more
                    • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingMichael 5260 for Joe, Fri Jan 18 18:19
                      In Haring's book (p.75) there is a photograph of the Boad Nelly ransom note. On page (72) there is a photograph of the preceding "cross the street..." directional note. When the two are compared it... more
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