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Re: Boad Nelly note spelling
Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:55

One time Kelvin Keraga and I had a discussion about the ransom notes. We started wondering what the stationery looked like when it was taken from the box.

After much speculating we arrived at a reasonable conclusion that the stationery consisted of large sheets that were folded into a "booklet" resulting in two pages. That would give a person four different writing surfaces to write on if they wanted to use them all.

The Nursery note was a short piece of writing so Hauptmann separated the stationery booklet into two separate pieces.

Using Haring's book again we find these measurements:

Nursery Note:

Height- 5 9/16 inches

Width- 4 14/16 inches

March 4 Ransom Note:

Height- 5 9/16 inches

Width- 4 15/16 inches

Taking the measurements of the Nursery Note and the March 4 ransom note, each of them having three factory edges, each with an observable torn edge, and their matching surface patterns and textures, it is reasonable to conclude that both notes were once one piece of stationery. These characteristics were observable in 1932 and they will still be observable in 2032. By the way, how is an extortionist/forger going to accomplish this wizardly feat?

If a knife, razor blade, or scissors were used to do any cutting on the Boad Nelly ransom note their may be microscopic evidence of this having occurred when the manufactured edges are compared to the cut edge. The original note would have to be studied in order to determine whether or not this occurred. I do think Hauptmann was too lazy to do this though. Folding and tearing the paper is much faster and easier. Hauptmann wasn't looking for precision when he was creating the ransom notes.

  • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingJoe for Michael 5260, Sun Jan 20 10:17
    Michael, I got similar measurements from the images in Haring's book, which I then used to determine the actual size of the notes, from the enclosed measurement scale. I also found a very similar... more
    • Re: Boad Nelly note spelling — Michael 5260 for Joe, Sun Jan 20 11:55
      • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingJoe for Michael 5260, Sun Jan 20 15:20
        Michael, I believe you and Kelvin are correct about the writing paper used for the ransom notes. Many years ago, I bid and lost (don't ask) on an original and unopened pack of 1930's Fifth Avenue... more
        • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingMichael 5260 for Joe, Sun Jan 20 17:35
          It's hard to tell from the photograph but the top, bottom, and left hand sides of the Boad Nelly note may be factory cut edges. If so, Hauptmann did turn the paper on its side when he wrote the note. ... more
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