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Sun Jan 20, 2019 15:32


This accusation that I "do not like to give credit" is completely without merit as anyone who has read either of my books can tell you. I cite and footnote everything in both (too much some say). I acknowledge anyone and everyone who has assisted me in some way, to the best of my knowledge/ability, with anything which concerned what I published (or will publish). Fact is, I wanted to do a chapter on Rev. Burns but decided against it because I would have to use a source you shared with me and I thought it would upset you so I scrapped the idea. So no - I'm not the "troublemaker" you think I am. Think about that for a second: Because I am "afraid" of your reaction I will never reveal the new information that I know about this guy.

Next, I do not credit Marian C. Scott in either V1 or V2 because I did not use anything about her or from her in either. I will not credit her in V3 because I am not using anything on her there either. Had I decided to then (of course) it would be fully cited as my previous volumes PROVE.

I am sorry the discussion on my board upset you. As what I wrote indicates, "I" am not the source. My source for that partial quote is that letter which I obtained over a decade ago. Exactly "how" I do not recall but it clearly originated from the University of Virginia's Manuscript Division. You obviously are more knowledgeable about MCS than I am and I certainly make no claim that I know more because I don't. I did not post anything with you in mind and I honestly do not read each and every post here either. I am just trying to discuss the case in good faith. If you had this letter before I did there's no way for me to know that but its certainly possible.

Finally, anything I post on my Board can be challenged, a source and/or citation requested at any time. But everyone there knows that already and (dare I say) you do too. I will post the full citation per your request.

  • Please Give Marian C. Scott CreditSue, Sun Jan 20 13:33
    There is a recent quote on the other board: Michael Melsky does not say who said: "without the Lindberghs being aware of it...the Lindberghs would never let their baby be photographed..grandma and... more
    • Marian ScottWayne, Tue Jan 22 22:51
      Sue, Michael does give you credit. This was posted on his board from you on November 30, 2006 -- Nov 30, 2006 4:22:12 GMT -5 sue75 said: There is a letter type-written on March 1, 1976 from a Marian... more
      • Re: Marian ScottSue for Wayne, Wed Jan 23 18:02
        Hi Wayne, Everything in that post from 2006 is mine, including the dashes between the University of Virginia Library. How is Michael giving me credit? Just asking. Not looking to stir anything up.... more
        • Marian ScottWayne, Wed Jan 23 22:31
          Hi Sue, Not looking to stir up anything either, I assure you I come in peace. All I am saying is that Michael has an excellent public message board and that you posted an excellent fact there... more
          • Wayne, Alice Morrow never claimed ANYTHING in that 1976 letter written by Marion Scott to Dorothy McCardle! In 1976, Alice Morrow was already dead 36 years. Here is her New York Times obituary from... more
            • Sue, No argument there; Marian Scott was reminiscing on March 1, 1976 about what Alice Morrow had told her shortly after Charlie's body was found in 1932. What Scott wrote in her letter was: "Miss... more
              • North Haven, Maine Film Footage in 1931Sue for Wayne, Fri Jan 25 12:57
                Wayne, Do you know for certain that it was Alice who took the home movie of Charlie on August 31, 1931 at North Haven? Besides Alice, were there other photographers who were taking pictures/film of... more
                • North Haven, Maine Film Footage in 1931Wayne, Fri Jan 25 16:29
                  Sue, Yes, in fact, CAL himself sent a 2-page inventory list of photographs and movie reels to Yale University. I tried to copy and paste the 2-page inventory here, but apparently it's too large for... more
                • North Haven, Maine Film Footage in 1931Wayne, Fri Jan 25 16:09
                  Fri Jan 25, 2019 15:35 Sue, Yes, according to CAL, Alice took the home movie (see item #17). If it helps, here is a copy of the 2-page inventory of photographs and movie reels given to... more
                • North Haven, Maine Film Footage in 1931Wayne, Fri Jan 25 15:35
                  Sue, Yes, according to CAL, Alice took the home movie (see item #17). If it helps, here is a copy of the 2-page inventory of photographs and movie reels given to Yale by CAL himself (typos and all):... more
                  • Wayne, I know about the Yale archive, but I also know that those pictures are Lindbergh's personal photos so I won't go down that road. Good luck in your endeavors. I was just wondering what you... more
      • Getting CreditAmy, Wed Jan 23 08:27
        Sue, Do you know that in Volume 2 of Michael's latest book that he gives you credit for the Delong Oral Interview he used in his book? Please check The Dark Corners, Volume II, Chapter 1, page 19,... more
    • Re: Please Give Marian C. Scott Credit — Michael, Sun Jan 20 15:32
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