Michael 5260 for Joe
Re: Boad Nelly note spelling
Sun Jan 20, 2019 17:35

It's hard to tell from the photograph but the top, bottom, and left hand sides of the Boad Nelly note may be factory cut edges. If so, Hauptmann did turn the paper on its side when he wrote the note. Once again, and examination of the original document would disclose that information to us.

I have no idea why Hauptmann decided to make the Boad Nelly note so small. Frugality with his stationery? I just don't know. People will do things that are sometimes unanswerable.

  • Re: Boad Nelly note spellingJoe for Michael 5260, Sun Jan 20 15:20
    Michael, I believe you and Kelvin are correct about the writing paper used for the ransom notes. Many years ago, I bid and lost (don't ask) on an original and unopened pack of 1930's Fifth Avenue... more
    • Re: Boad Nelly note spelling — Michael 5260 for Joe, Sun Jan 20 17:35
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