Sue for Michael
Properly Cite Because It's the Right Thing To Do!
Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:55


Why didn't you IMMEDIATELY cite the source for the Marian C. Scott quotes?

Not citing a quote shows, at the very least, dishonest scholarship!

Publishing on the Internet is the same as publishing a traditional book!

It troubles me that you would not IMMEDIATELY cite the author of the quote and where you found that quote!

On top of that, you allowed Wayne to go on with the false belief that those quotes originated with Alice Morrow!

Why didn't you correct him IMMEDIATELY?

This is not so much about my request as it is about honest scholarship!

I understand there are lots and lots of gaps in people's education, but I believe early on in your education you must have learned how to cite quotes?!

Alice Morrow did not utter those words, but the post(s) show that Wayne thought you were the greatest for quoting her letter (Marian C. Scott's), but you fail to CORRECT him by saying WHO wrote those words AND that it was NOT Alice Morrow who said, among other things, that she and Mrs. Morrow were the only ones to have taken pictures of the baby!

Wayne thanks you on January 19, 2019 for "pulling Alice's quote."

Now, Wayne, if his posts are to be believed, is under the impression that those words came from Alice Morrow!

Those words did not come from Alice Morrow, but from Marian C. Scott in 1976!

Neglecting to cite quotes on the Internet is all part of the dumbing down of America!

That's why the same ground is gone over again and again in the Lindbergh case -- because false information gets perpetuated on these boards!

Cite Marian C. Scott as being the author of those quotes because it is the right thing to do!

Why should I have to tell you that?!

You have published two books on the Lindbergh case!

I don't know about you, Michael, but I don't want posters to believe lies about this case!

By not correcting that information you are perpetuating a lie!

And I don't think you care about upsetting me, because you have published on the Internet that you think that I am crazy.

I don't remember what I sent to you about Reverend Vincent Burns, but please don't let me stand in the way of you publishing a chapter on him.

I must have sent that Reverend Burns stuff to you many years ago.

  • Re: Please Give Marian C. Scott CreditMichael, Sun Jan 20 15:32
    Sue: This accusation that I "do not like to give credit" is completely without merit as anyone who has read either of my books can tell you. I cite and footnote everything in both (too much some... more
    • Properly Cite Because It's the Right Thing To Do! — Sue for Michael, Tue Jan 22 12:55
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