Re: Properly Cite Because It's the Right Thing To Do!
Tue Jan 22, 2019 14:57

Well I tried and did my very best. I would have asked where those who ask for civility were but I do not recommend getting involved - or you risk becoming among the growing list of "victims." Now if there are any small children in the room please ask them to step out because its about to get ugly...

The problem is that you sided with Falzini, Davidson, and that crowd, and didn't defend me. You should of defended me if you were any kind of man, instead of the people-pleaser that you come across as.

(SOURCE: Susanne Campbell - Sue for Michael, "You Make Wrong" Tue Dec 4, 2018 13:01)

So you want full credit? There it is. Creepy? You had better believe it is! You do not even know me Sue. We met once in a group in 2003 and never even spoke. Anyone who actually knows me will say that I tell it like it is. Doesn't matter to whom. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

Now, I wanted to point out WHY I am being attacked before I defend myself against yet another of your smears brought upon me because I did not feed into the delusion that someone had "stolen" your "idea" for a book. And it didn't end there because after that you made a 2nd ABSURD accusation about Adam stealing information. After that yet ANOTHER accusation. And then suddenly "I" became the next "victim." Just as your quote above implied, had I agreed with your outlandish claim I would have been spared. And although I appear to be YOUR focus - it still did NOT end with me!

All of this is very unhealthy Sue. All of the above is bad enough but now this? You are banned from my Board YET you USE people to try to get around it somehow. Isn't that called Cyber-Stalking? And absolutely no! I will NEVER write anything that has any attachment to you whatsoever. I don't care whether or not if you remember because I know that you did send it to me. Ever since that outrages accusation you made against Mark and Jim your posts have turned very dark. It's like you've become the spawn of Edgar Allen Poe & Emily Dickinson. In fact, unless someone here tells me you are attacking me I avoid them like the Plague.

Now let's get to your NEW accusation... First and foremost, your request, if made in "good faith" is not an unreasonable one. But was it? No. You aren't doing it for any rational purpose.

This is for everyone: Way back when we had pads of paper, a pen, or a typewriter. If "we" wrote something and quoted, paraphrased, or relied on another work in any way to assist in formulating something in writing a full citation was required. But the internet and the discussion boards changed that somewhat. What goes on here is a conversation, and to fully cite according to the rules above isn't feasible and would doom these venues as well as any other "comment" section on any other website. Some websites don't even allow for a source and/or citation involving a link!

Now think about this: If someone were to post something like: "Hey Kennedy said in his book (place any fact here)..."

That should require a full and proper citation (Author, Year, Publisher, Page #) for each and every similar occurrence. Just about every other post on any board would require AT LEAST one citation like this - some more - some many more. See any? Look at Script/Joe's posts as an example - there some that would necessitate multiple citations - per post in some that I've read. Would they even bother if required? I say no. If asked? Sure they would do their best.

But my question is: where is Sue? Why hasn't she jumped out at them like Jason from Friday the 13th and demand full and proper citations? Could it be she's not "upset" or "angry" at them?

Fact is we cut corners, sometimes make half-assed cites or whatever "works" for the community. That's how it is and any sincere person who has ever graced this board or any other knows it. Some people have even "borrowed" citations that were made to "pretend" they have the document themselves - when they don't. So fully cited sources are sometimes avoided for that purpose as well. But honestly even the Reports I post from the Archives - they should all technically be accompanied with a full citation. So again, her request for a proper citation isn't unreasonable, however, she's not doing it for that purpose. Her purpose is to obviously imply I've stolen "something" from her and/or somebody else and withheld the citation to conceal that fact.

Look at back at Sue's original post to the start of this thread... She herself doesn't even properly cite what she has quoted. It's the "if Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson had a child" type post again. So here is all of this negative energy being directed at me - and for what?

Punishment & Retaliation.

I've tried ignoring it all Sue but that only encourages you. Now do you want this to continue or end? If not I've only just begun. You may not remember what you've sent me but I not only do I have proof that you did. This has been going on for years now and has to end but if you keep it going I'm not about to let it go unchallenged anymore. If this is how you want to spend your time continue on.

  • Properly Cite Because It's the Right Thing To Do!Sue for Michael, Tue Jan 22 12:55
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