Sue for Michael
Re: Properly Cite Because It's the Right Thing To Do!
Tue Jan 22, 2019 19:32


My post around 12:30 p.m. New York Time today was civil to you.

Please try to calm down with your hostility toward me.

Can you pretend with me that you didn't get herded through the public school system when you say "Now, if there are any small children in the room please..."?

Your reference points give you away that you were public-school educated.

Have you HAD any children?

You need to give Marion C. Scott and the University of Virginia credit.

That's what's going on at this point.

You need to humble your pride and give Scott and the U of Virginia credit.

You need to set the record straight on your board so that people like Wayne will not continue to think that Alice Morrow is the author of those quotes.

I still feel that you should have defended me in 2013.

From 2013 to 2017, I did not post on your board.

Around October 2017 I was banned from your board.

Why didn't you ban me any time from 2013 to 2017?

What prompted you to ban me in 2017 -- over 4 years after I stopped posting on your board?

I haven't posted on your board in 4 years!

Up til last year I was able to view all posts on your board.

However, about October 2017 you banned me.

I contributed greatly to your board, but don't have access to view my own contributions!

That is not right, Michael!

I should be able to have access to view my own posts!

Why are you afraid of me?!

I couldn't even get a pictorial picture book published!

So why are you afraid of me?!

Obviously, everyone wants to hear form YOU GUYS, and NOT me!

You were able to get TWO books on the Lindbergh kidnapping case published!

My hat is off to you for accomplishing that!

While I'm at it, would you please answer why Don Wildman's recent show on the kidnapping didn't give you more air time?

You wrote TWO books on the case!

Why didn't they want to hear from you more than a few minutes?

And why didn't you appear ALONE with Don Wildman.

Noel Behn appeared all by himeself when he promoted his Elisabeth-Did-It program about the Lindbergh kidnapping.

Richard Sloan appeared all by himself, as Don and Richard visited the LKC sites in the Bronx.

I would have rather have heard from YOU because I have been on the Bronx tour many times!

And many times Steve has said to you that you should debate the case live.

I don't think that you are aware that I have defended you to Steve when he has said that.

Everyone has their own skills and talents.

Like a lot of people, maybe one of yours is not public speaking.

I think you have no trouble knocking me because my name is not Dr. Lloyd Gardner or Mark Falzini or Jim Davidson.

You want their favor because they have the reputation of being experts on the case, and you want their approval.

I think you process A LOT through those men mentioned above.

I wonder where they end and you begin.

Why didn't any of those people give praise to you, for instance, on the back of your books?

It would have went far to validate your research if they would have said something favorable to support your findings somewhere physically on your books.

They are all established authors on the case.

And the J. Edgar movie was so awfully inaccurate.

Before the movie was made, Mark Falzini promised that he would take Clint Eastwood to task if the movie was done historically inaccurate in any way concerning the kidnapping.

There were MANY obvious mistakes about the Lindbergh kidnapping in that film.

And Leonardo Di Caprio did a terrible job portraying J. Edgar Hoover, but no one wanted to criticize him because he is Hollywood and considered an A-list actor?

It can't be that certain people are off limits to criticism because they have a REPUTATION as an actor or an expert in this case.

And Michael, I don't have to be all things to all people here.

YOU certainly didn't jump in to defend me in 2013?

And I am NOT upset with Joe Czulinski and Michael 5260.

That seems to upset you -- that I am NOT upset with them.

I admire people who are intelligent and have a good command of the English language.

In your post from a few months ago, you said that I didn't defend Ronelle.

You referred to me and you as "our" friend, Ronelle.

Yes, you DID "make wrong" by saying that.

Since when are you and me a "We"?

You didn't even think I should have done the pictorial -- your "We" is with the Falzini, Davidson, and the Gardner crowd.

That's your "We."

I'd like to believe that you don't need to process things through people -- that you can stand alone without getting lots of validation from those men mentioned above and others.

I greatly admire people who do things alone, especially men.

Can I mention Jesus Christ in 2019 without getting people upset?

Tops on my list of people I admire is Jesus Christ for people who have done things alone.

Jesus -- because he went to the cross ALONE!

Another man who did something ALONE was Charles Lindbergh.

He went into the cockpit ALONE in May of 1927.

And please don't lay that on me that I think Lindbergh was Jesus Christ.

Because he wasn't.

I would like to think that you are independent, Michael, and that you don't have to process things through others when I post to you.

I don't wish to continue this with you.

I DO hope that you correct matters on your board by giving credit to Marian C. Scott and the University of Virginia.

  • Well I tried and did my very best. I would have asked where those who ask for civility were but I do not recommend getting involved - or you risk becoming among the growing list of "victims." Now if... more
    • Re: Properly Cite Because It's the Right Thing To Do! — Sue for Michael, Tue Jan 22 19:32
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