Meghan Markle's Deformed Toes
Wed Jan 23, 2019 19:01

Duchess Meghan Markle has deformed toes like the Lindbergh baby.

Markle has a genetic deformity known as Morton's Toe.

However, the condition of Meghan's toes did not prevent her from snagging a prince!

In your eyes, are Meghan Markle's toes let off the hook but NOT the toes of the Lindbergh baby?

I wonder if Prince Harry inspected Meghan's feet before he married her.

Maybe Meghan Markle has a more serious medical condition based on the fact that she has imperfect feet?

Would you have understood if Harry dumped Meghan based on her deformed toes?

    • Meghan Markle's Deformed ToesWayne, Thu Jan 24 17:52
      Sue, Can you walk me through posting a photo here? I have a photo of Charlie's toes you need to see. Thanks!
      • Still need those instructions?Sam for Wayne, Fri Feb 1 16:29
        P.S. You're new here, Wayne. Care to tell us about yourself?
        • Sam for WayneWayne, Fri Feb 1 17:09
          Yes, please instruct away. Thanks...
          • InstructionsSam for Wayne, Sat Feb 2 10:54
            1. Use an image hosting site to upload your photo. I use 2. After uploading, copy the URL near the bottom of the screen for "HTML Fully Linked." 3. Paste that URL into a message on ... more
            • Sam for WayneWayne, Sat Feb 2 13:10
              Thanks Sam! A pathologist at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia took a look at the corpse's foot and came up with these enhanced images: Those are not Meghan Markle toes. According to the pathologist... more
              • Re: Sam for WayneJoe for Wayne, Mon Feb 4 12:09
                Wayne, are you suggesting something like this led to Charlie's disappearance? Do you have any solid information that disagrees with the independent accounts by Anne, Betty and Elsie that he was... more
                • Joe for WayneWayne, Mon Feb 4 12:41
                  Joe, I'm not suggesting anything. I'm just going with known facts that are there for all to see in black & white. You're more than welcome to take those photos to any podiatrist and get his/her... more
                  • Re: Joe for WayneJoe for Wayne, Mon Feb 4 14:25
                    Wayne, by all means take the photos to a podiatrist. You might also want to ask them if Dr. Van Ingen's examination of Charlie a few weeks earlier should have raised any red flags, ie. potential for... more
      • Sending a PictureSue, Thu Jan 24 18:33
        Wayne, I have posted pictures on Ronelle's board in the past, but I always did it with the assistance of someone at my local library! And I post pictures so infrequently. I think it would be best if... more
    • Re: Meghan Markle's Deformed Toessteve for sue, Thu Jan 24 09:56
      the babys health had nothing to do with the crime. people keep hopping on that
      • Re: Meghan Markle's Deformed ToesJoe, Thu Jan 24 10:38
        But I'm sure it won't stop some folks from wondering how Meghan could have possibly made it beyond her second birthday..
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