Joe for Wayne
Mon Feb 4, 2019 12:41

Joe, I'm not suggesting anything. I'm just going with known facts that are there for all to see in black & white. You're more than welcome to take those photos to any podiatrist and get his/her opinion if Charlie would have had trouble walking.

As for Anne's accounting...

Take a look at the Introduction to Hour of Lead. She states in the 3rd sentence that she's setting the record straight: "The bare facts are that on the evening of March 1, 1932, our eighteen-month-old child, Charles Lindbergh, Jr., was taken from his crib..."

Charlie was 20 months old at the time of the kidnapping. For a mother who wants to set the record straight, why doesn't she set the record straight?

  • Re: Sam for WayneJoe for Wayne, Mon Feb 4 12:09
    Wayne, are you suggesting something like this led to Charlie's disappearance? Do you have any solid information that disagrees with the independent accounts by Anne, Betty and Elsie that he was... more
    • Joe for Wayne — Wayne, Mon Feb 4 12:41
      • Re: Joe for WayneJoe for Wayne, Mon Feb 4 14:25
        Wayne, by all means take the photos to a podiatrist. You might also want to ask them if Dr. Van Ingen's examination of Charlie a few weeks earlier should have raised any red flags, ie. potential for... more
        • Joe for WayneWayne, Mon Feb 4 14:50
          Joe, I have taken the photos to several podiatrists. I am encouraging everyone here to do the same and compare the findings (here). As for Anne's writing... everything she wrote, and I mean... more
          • Re: Joe for WayneJoe for Wayne, Tue Feb 5 07:15
            Wayne, any thoughts on why Dr. Van Ingen failed to recognize Charlie's toes were "severely deformed?" And I've never seen references to any corrective measures having taken place to re-align them... more
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