Michael 5260
No salvation with a typewriter.
Mon Feb 4, 2019 14:47

I had a conversation one time about the Lindbergh ransom notes. The person told me that if Hauptmann had typed the ransom notes he would not have been identified as the writer of the ransom notes. I told them they should read about Leopold and Loeb.

    • Re: No salvation with a typewriter.Joe for Michael 5260, Tue Feb 5 07:22
      If he had ditched the typewriter, it seems he may have evaded that aspect, but it wouldn't have been in his nature to throw out something that worked. There were other very damning pieces of... more
      • Re: No salvation with a typewriter.Michael 5260 for Joe, Tue Feb 5 10:53
        If Hauptmann had used a typewriter to avoid identification I think we could safely bet the farm that the typewriter would have been found by the investigators in his apartment during their search in... more
        • Type & Facejdb, Fri Feb 8 04:00
          Likely so, Michael, but if for some reason the typewriter had been,--just to make a short list--lost, ruined (water damage or heat of some kind), hocked or stolen, (just for beginners), the entire... more
          • my takebob mills for jdb and forum, Sat Feb 9 10:46
            The question, "Why did Hauptmann accept death in the electric chair, when he could have escaped it by naming names?" will never be answered conclusively. Here's my take, for the benefit of newcomers... more
            • Let's Make A Dealjdb, Sun Feb 24 04:05
              Bob, This thought just occurred to me, and while I may seem to be going off on a tangent I urge you to bear with me: Hauptmann had, I believe,--to buy the "Mob hypothesis" as a potential factor in... more
              • Re: Let's Make A DealAnonymous, Sun Feb 24 18:55
                Wow. Let me make a wild guess John. You earn a living as a script writer for fictional TV shows.
                • LOL!jdb, Mon Feb 25 01:49
                  You flatter me, Anonymous.
          • Re: Type & FaceJoe for John, Fri Feb 8 08:27
            Hi John, excellent post! We share a lot of the same thoughts and general interest around Hauptmann's inner workings and his refusal to confess, and I'd love to explore this some more here. I don't... more
            • Thanksjdb, Sat Feb 9 03:22
              Thanks for the nice comments, Joe. Sad to say I'm not a cut and paste guy. There's so much that I CAN do on a pc, but that's something I'm no good at. We've had a ton of "hijacked" threads in the... more
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