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Re: No salvation with a typewriter.
Tue Feb 5, 2019 10:53

If Hauptmann had used a typewriter to avoid identification I think we could safely bet the farm that the typewriter would have been found by the investigators in his apartment during their search in September 1934.

Based on what we know about Hauptmann's personality he wasn't the kind of person to dump a functional typewriter. Secondly, he would not have been aware of the fact that typewriting can be identified and the specific typewriter(to the exclusion of all others) can also be identified that produced the typewriting. Since Hauptmann would not have know these discomforting details there would have not been a reason for him to ditch the typewriter.

Back in 1932 the document examiners would have identified the make, model, and year of the typewriter. Then the typefaces in the ransom notes would have been carefully examined for all identifiable idiosyncrasies present in the typefaces. When you want to identify an individual machine you can look for the following:

1. The design, size and proportions of each of the characters.

2. The relation of each character as printed to adjacent characters, or its vertical and horizontal alignment.

3. The vertical position of the character in relation to the line of writing, that is, its perpendicularity, or slant to the left or right.

4. The comparative weight of impression of the upper, lower, right or left sides of each character. How the type stands "on its feet" or "off its feet".

5. The condition of the typefaces of all the letters and characters and the presence of defects, bruises, or "scars" due to wear or to accidents.

The investigators would have also gathered up any and all typewritten letters and documents found in Hauptmann's apartment to be used as standards of comparison.

Dictated typewriting? If they would have had all the Lindbergh ransom notes typed out with correct spellings and then dictated them to Hauptmann while he typed you would see similar misspellings that are found in the ransom notes. It makes no difference if an individual writes with a pencil, fountain pen or typewriter. If a person has problems spelling certain words the misspellings will appear when they write. The writing instrument does not produce the misspellings, the writer is responsible for the misspellings. A writing instrument does not have a brain. Its product and performance is controlled by the writer.

As you can see if Hauptmann had used a typewriter as a means of disguise his goose would have been just as cooked by the typewriting as it was by the handwriting. Maybe more so.

  • Re: No salvation with a typewriter.Joe for Michael 5260, Tue Feb 5 07:22
    If he had ditched the typewriter, it seems he may have evaded that aspect, but it wouldn't have been in his nature to throw out something that worked. There were other very damning pieces of... more
    • Re: No salvation with a typewriter. — Michael 5260 for Joe, Tue Feb 5 10:53
      • Type & Facejdb, Fri Feb 8 04:00
        Likely so, Michael, but if for some reason the typewriter had been,--just to make a short list--lost, ruined (water damage or heat of some kind), hocked or stolen, (just for beginners), the entire... more
        • my takebob mills for jdb and forum, Sat Feb 9 10:46
          The question, "Why did Hauptmann accept death in the electric chair, when he could have escaped it by naming names?" will never be answered conclusively. Here's my take, for the benefit of newcomers... more
          • Let's Make A Dealjdb, Sun Feb 24 04:05
            Bob, This thought just occurred to me, and while I may seem to be going off on a tangent I urge you to bear with me: Hauptmann had, I believe,--to buy the "Mob hypothesis" as a potential factor in... more
            • Re: Let's Make A DealAnonymous, Sun Feb 24 18:55
              Wow. Let me make a wild guess John. You earn a living as a script writer for fictional TV shows.
              • LOL!jdb, Mon Feb 25 01:49
                You flatter me, Anonymous.
        • Re: Type & FaceJoe for John, Fri Feb 8 08:27
          Hi John, excellent post! We share a lot of the same thoughts and general interest around Hauptmann's inner workings and his refusal to confess, and I'd love to explore this some more here. I don't... more
          • Thanksjdb, Sat Feb 9 03:22
            Thanks for the nice comments, Joe. Sad to say I'm not a cut and paste guy. There's so much that I CAN do on a pc, but that's something I'm no good at. We've had a ton of "hijacked" threads in the... more
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