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Fri Feb 8, 2019 04:00

Likely so, Michael, but if for some reason the typewriter had been,--just to make a short list--lost, ruined (water damage or heat of some kind), hocked or stolen, (just for beginners), the entire chain of events that followed would have been altered, as to what happened at the Bronx gas station.

That was extraordinary bad luck by any standards, thus, even if we allow for a scenario nearly identical to what occurred in 1932-34 things could not have played out so precisely as to have put Hauptmann in the same position he was in as we know it today.

I suppose there's a middle ground alternative scenario that could have made Hauptmann's capture inevitable. This would take a delving into psychoanalytic theory, which ain't what it used to be.

In other words: Hauptmann was guilty, and having been raised to be a good Christian, and being married to one, had an unconscious desire to pay for his crime of kidnapping and murdering the Lindbergh baby. Therefore allowing for his kidnap notes to have been typed does not obviate the perp's need to pay for his sins.

If it wasn't the gas station attendant it would have been someone else he'd have clued in on his possession of gold certificates. Sooner or later word would get around that this "Dutchman" had some gold bills hoarded away somewhere, the police would catch wind of this, and eventually Hauptmann would be sought out, identified and arrested, as happened under different conditions.

The theory, such as it can be called, would have to be something along the lines that Hauptmann was a man of some decency who had developed criminal tendencies in his youth, likely in the world war, and that his Superego would punish his Id if his criminal side reasserted itself, thus he was a man who could never have got away with a crime of such magnitude, and he'd have dropped clues and hints (behaviorally as much as verbally) of various kinds to look suspicious, thus making his Discovery inevitable.

To sum it up: Hauptmann himself would not permit Hauptmann to get away with his dreadful crime, thus he'd essentially bring his punishment upon himself, with his Ego, while wounded, remaining intact, thus his refusal to cooperate with any facet of the investigation,--this is the Gospel According To Wilentz--and Hauptmann, now a public figure, would keep his terrible secret to himself to his dying day.

The aforementioned musings are essentially thought experiments, and as such they grant Hauptmann a measure of control over his destiny: he'll die in the electric chair, but without revealing anything of the Truth. His private self is shamed by his deeds, yet he goes to his death as an enigmatic figure. Only Bruno Knows For Sure. This is how he wanted it. He covered everything else up.


  • Re: No salvation with a typewriter.Michael 5260 for Joe, Tue Feb 5 10:53
    If Hauptmann had used a typewriter to avoid identification I think we could safely bet the farm that the typewriter would have been found by the investigators in his apartment during their search in... more
    • Type & Face — jdb, Fri Feb 8 04:00
      • my takebob mills for jdb and forum, Sat Feb 9 10:46
        The question, "Why did Hauptmann accept death in the electric chair, when he could have escaped it by naming names?" will never be answered conclusively. Here's my take, for the benefit of newcomers... more
        • Let's Make A Dealjdb, Sun Feb 24 04:05
          Bob, This thought just occurred to me, and while I may seem to be going off on a tangent I urge you to bear with me: Hauptmann had, I believe,--to buy the "Mob hypothesis" as a potential factor in... more
          • Re: Let's Make A DealAnonymous, Sun Feb 24 18:55
            Wow. Let me make a wild guess John. You earn a living as a script writer for fictional TV shows.
            • LOL!jdb, Mon Feb 25 01:49
              You flatter me, Anonymous.
      • Re: Type & FaceJoe for John, Fri Feb 8 08:27
        Hi John, excellent post! We share a lot of the same thoughts and general interest around Hauptmann's inner workings and his refusal to confess, and I'd love to explore this some more here. I don't... more
        • Thanksjdb, Sat Feb 9 03:22
          Thanks for the nice comments, Joe. Sad to say I'm not a cut and paste guy. There's so much that I CAN do on a pc, but that's something I'm no good at. We've had a ton of "hijacked" threads in the... more
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