Re: Nelly
Fri Feb 8, 2019 11:53

Certainly we need to maintain an open mind and that applies not only to this scenario. I'd venture the jigsaw puzzle that makes up this case is 80% complete with BRH quite central, but not all of the remaining 20% of the pieces are still on the table. We'll probably never know the inspiration behind Boad Nelly. Your "Nellydon" is no less speculative than my "Nellie Bly."

  • Re: NellyAnonymous, Fri Feb 8 11:17
    That kidnaping case (Nellydon) was widely covered in the newspapers at the time, and was certainly part of the "world affair" that the kidnaper was making reference to. We must avoid being too... more
    • Re: Nelly — Joe, Fri Feb 8 11:53
      • Re: NellyAnonymous, Mon Feb 11 10:06
        Was Nellie Bly kidnapped? ;-)
        • Re: NellyJoe, Wed Feb 13 14:30
          No, but I'd venture she has more of a potential personal association with Richard Hauptmann for the reasons I mentioned, than a dress designer in Kansas City, that seething hotbed of nautical... more
          • inspiration?Anonymous, Mon Feb 18 09:41
            Sad to say, Nellie Bly died in 1922, ten years before the Lindbergh kidnapping. Why would BRH want to think about her (Bly), consciously or otherwise? But the ower of the famous "NellyDon" dress... more
            • Re: inspiration?Joe, Sun Mar 3 13:26
              Hauptmann could well have been thinking of Nellie Bly based on the fact that Bly left and returned to the same Hoboken Pier that he arrived at in 1923. Nellie Bly, written by Stephen Foster is a song ... more
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