A Faithful Sparticist?
Fri Feb 8, 2019 20:02

"I have always been a faithful Spartacist."

Did Hauptmann even say those words?

Does this archival letter exist?

Where can the letter be located if it indeed exists?

There seems to be a HUGE difference between spartacist and sparticist.

"a" or an "i"?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon's newspaper, The New York Tribune, had an article about the Lindbergh kidnapping published by Albert L. Weeks in their paper from May 31, 1983:

"Kidnapping of Lindbergh Baby Continues to Fascinate"

Here is an excerpt:

Hauptmann penned a letter to the local radical Marxist-Leninist group, the Sparticists, appealing for help with these words:

"I have always been a faithful Sparticist."

The only reference to this New York Tribune article (the Moonies' newspaper and NOT Horace Greeley's New York Tribune!) is found in Jim Fisher's book Ghosts of Hopewell. (Although Fisher gives a date of publication of May 31, 1982.)

A New York Times article says that the Moonies' New York Tribune (may also have been called the New York City Tribune) ceased publication in 1985.

Too bad you weren't working in Midtown Manhattan in 1983, otherwise you could have picked up the Moonies' New York Tribune for May 31, 1983 at a nearby newsstand before you went into work that day.

You would have had the article about the Lindbergh case in your possession.

Even the Moonies wanted to get into the act.

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