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Thanks for the nice comments, Joe. Sad to say I'm not a cut and paste guy. There's so much that I CAN do on a pc, but that's something I'm no good at.

We've had a ton of "hijacked" threads in the past; less so in recent years. It was fun back in the day; going back nearly fifteen years now, and counting.

I wonder how a criminal profiler would handle Hauptmann. Retired FBI profiler John Douglas called him a "common criminal" and left it at that.

Yes, I suppose he was right, but only up to a point. The man had his virtues, such as lots of good friends, good people, willing to stand up for him.

This may not help much in trying to exonerate Hauptmann for the crime he was convicted of, and yet his (relative, and so far as we know) honesty once a resident of the U.S. apparently caused him to actually make something of himself.

There may well have been a "shady" side to the man, though I'm a "glass house" guy and don't care for throwing stones at the houses others live in. We all have things to hide, aspects of ourselves we simply don't like.

For various reasons, most of them too personal for me to want to talk about here, I actually like Bruno Richard Hauptmann from what I know about him. The good things. Take away the Lindbergh case, then show me the monster he was made out to be in the Flemington courthouse.

He had HIS dark corners, and yet he doesn't now and never did strike me as a "tormented soul". A chip or two on his shoulder, for sure. Probably much more than that. When I read accounts of the case, and particular the comments about Hauptmann and how "diabolical" he was, I hear rhetoric and name calling.

Yet Hauptmann was guilty of something, likely many things, and I can't but sense that his self-esteem was way below what it had been three or four years earlier. After a certain point I think that Hauptmann felt that due to his being up to his eyeballs in so many aspects of the LKC he may as well be the murderer (if murder there was) rather than the "player" he seems to be.


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    Hi John, excellent post! We share a lot of the same thoughts and general interest around Hauptmann's inner workings and his refusal to confess, and I'd love to explore this some more here. I don't... more
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