Martha's Vineyard: Dangerous Weather Weekend of 4/2/1932
Sun Feb 10, 2019 16:42

I'm not sure any of the books on the Lindbergh kidnapping has included imagery of the terrible weather conditions off the coast of Martha's Vineyard during April 2 and April 3, 1932.

Gale force winds and raging seas ruled over the weekend of April 2, 1932.

The collier William C. Atwater was grounded off Sow and Pigs Reef and sent out an SOS.

Commander Roderick Patch of the Coast Guard, commanding Section Base 18, said that the boats sent out from Woods Hole that went to the rescue of the collier did not see any small boats.

In Dorothy G. Wayman's Boston Globe article for April 13, 1932 she says:

"Even before Col. Charles A. Lindbergh left New Jersey, the area had been inspected by the Coast Guard who could have told him, had he asked, that no small boat bearing the baby awaited him in Vineyard Sound."

If Boad Nelly DID exist, where was she over that weekend?

    • boad nellybob mills for sue and forum, Mon Feb 11 13:49
      According to Joyce Milton's "Loss of Eden," before Lindy flew to Martha's Vineyard the Coast Guard had approached five separate yachts bearing names similar to "Nelly," none of which included a... more
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