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The Smollett Letter
Tue Feb 19, 2019 10:10

I've been watching the Jussie Smollett melodrama slowly evolve. Aside from the alleged physical attack on Smollett we have a questioned document. The threatening letter that was sent to Smollett was received on January 22. Smollett was attacked on January 29.

Observations of the letter and its envelope have their limitations at this point because we do not have the original document but we can make a few reasonable speculations about both of them.

The address and return address on the envelope appear to be written in red ink as well as the drawing on the enclosed letter. The writings may have been done with a Sharpie permanent ink marker. Examination under a microscope would disclose whether or not the writing instrument had a chisel point or a round point. We would make a note of that examination.

On the envelope are two forever postage stamps of the American flag type. There are postal cancellation marks (the wavy horizontal lines) appearing on the stamps so we know the letter was actually mailed and processed by the post office. We make a note of that too.

Each postage stamp has a postal value of 50 cents and the ability to mail a one ounce letter. On January 27 the price of a forever stamp will be increased to 55 cents.

The envelope contained the letter and a white substance which turned out to be ground up aspirin or Tylenol. We do not know the combined weight of the letter, envelope, and the substance. All we know is that two forever postage stamps have a value of one dollar and a person would be able to mail a 2 ounce letter.

The message of the letter is, "You will die black fag." Each of the individual letters have been cut and pasted onto the paper from a magazine. We know they came from a magazine or multiple magazines because the letter forms are colored differently.

It may be possible to determine what kind of glue was used to glue the individual letters onto the paper. Whether the glue was glue stick, tacky glue, PVA glue, spray adhesive, whatever the glue might be could have a significance in determining the origin of the threatening letter.

The address on the envelope has a unique letter design characteristic. In the surname "Smollett" are two final "T's" written as backward capital "F's" and they are elevated above the base line of the writing. We can be sure of this because when we hold the address up to a mirror the two "T's" in "Smollett" appear as capital "F's." The letter forms are singular. There is no American handwriting system that teaches a student to construct capital "T's" in this manner. Therefore they are individual to this particular writer.

At this point there are three suspects in this case. Jussie Smollett and his two Nigerian friends. The police are going to search their dwellings. Concerning this questioned threatening letter here are a few things they will be looking for:

Sharpies or their equivalent in red ink.

Forever stamps. Sometimes the torn perforations of stamps can be matched to the sheet they were torn from.



Specimens of their known handwriting. Specifically, in this case hand printing.

The investigators will probably also ask for request writing from each of their suspects. They will want the suspects to write with a red ink Sharpie on blank envelopes of the same kind as the questioned document while dictating the address and the return address to them. You can bet your boots they will be looking for the unique final "T's" in the name "Smollett".

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